Consumer Debt Collection

Persistence and personal communication is the foundation of our consumer debt collection service.

We achieve excellent levels of collections through a combination of tried and tested collection methods, highly capable and motivated collection staff, together with the use of modern technology.

We aim to balance the speed of our consumer debt collection with a duty of care that protects your reputation, educates your customer/debtor to respect your credit terms and makes them aware that should their account remain in default it will have a negative impact on their credit rating.

Additional features of our consumer debt collection service include:
  • In-house tracing
  • Assessment of debtors’ means to pay
  • Negotiation of payment plans
  • Detailed monthly client reports
  • Prompt remittance of funds collected
  • Debtor default listing management
  • Regular reviews of debtors’ situation

As our fees are based on results. Nothing matters more to us than getting your accounts paid in the fastest possible time. Contact us for further information about our consumer debt collection services.