Our range of debt collection services

Black Fox Credit Management is a full service, national, debt collection agency with an excellent track record in high volume consumer and corporate debt collection.

Below is a list of our credit management services:

Consumer Debt Collection

Persistence and personal communication is the foundation of our consumer debt collection service.

We achieve excellent levels of collections through a combination of tried and tested collection methods, highly capable and motivated collection staff, together with the use of modern technology.

We aim to balance the speed of our consumer debt collection with a duty of care that protects your reputation, educates your customer/debtor to respect your credit terms and makes them aware that should their account remain in default it will have a negative impact on their credit rating.

Additional features of our consumer debt collection service include:

  • In-house tracing
  • Assessment of debtors’ means to pay
  • Negotiation of payment plans
  • Detailed monthly client reports
  • Prompt remittance of funds collected
  • Debtor default listing management
  • Regular reviews of debtors’ situation

As our fees are based on results. Nothing matters more to us than getting your accounts paid in the fastest possible time. Contact us for further information about our consumer debt collection services.

Corporate Debt Collection

At Black Fox Credit Management we understand that not all debts are the same and thus require varying collection strategies. As a result, each debt is individually reviewed to determine the most effective collection approach.

Information is critical to successful corporate debt recovery. Consequently, when necessary our in-house tracing team will conduct a review of the debtors’ present situation before the collection agent makes first contact.

Our corporate debt collection service will be of particular interest to companies and organisations that are paying for legal action but achieving limited results.

We are proactive, persistent and result-oriented. As with all our collection services, our corporate debt collection service is provided on a “no collection, no fee” basis.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with corporate debt collection services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Legal Debt Collection

It may sometimes be necessary to proceed with legal action in order to recover your debts.

Our partnership with a highly respected law firm ensures a smooth transition between the soft collection process and legal action.

For many creditors the decision to take legal action can be a daunting one, not least due to the uncertain level of costs involved. Where possible we offer our clients fixed price legal services and an assessment of the debtors’ means to pay. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about which debtors to pursue legally and how far they wish to proceed down this avenue.

Contact us for further information and a quotation.

Medical Debt Collection

Whether you have a large medical practice or are a single medical practitioner, cash flow is adversely affected by non-paying patients and unresolved medical aid claims.

We understand the special needs of medical practices and our medical debt collection service is designed to keep doctor-patient relationships intact wherever possible.

Contact us for further information about our medical debt collection service.


Black Fox Credit Management offers a tracing service for debtors that have moved on from their last known address, or confirmation that the debtor still resides at a given address. The tracing service is only provided in conjunction with one of our collections services.

Contact us for further information and a quotation.

Purchasing Of Bad Debt

We help companies recover from delinquent consumer debt.

Selling your charged-off accounts immediately impacts your bottom line by releasing cash from your non-performing accounts.

Liquidating non-paying accounts:

  • Improves your bottom line
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Limits potential liability

If you have a bad debt book of no less then R5,000,000 then please contact us to arrange a no obligation appraisal.

Please contact us to discuss your specific credit management needs